• Is getting harder and harder to say yes

    I still say yes, I know many fine police officers...But as I see more and more police threaten first amendment rights, completely violate people's 2nd amendment and the rest of the bill of rights...It keeps adding up. And it gets harder to say yes, but for now still I do say yes. Not sure for how long though.

    Posted by: N711
  • The word "police" is more of a joke than anything!

    The popo (police) are aragont or stupid! They think that their badge makes them top stuff o.R higher class, news flash.... It DOESN'T. The popo say they are fighting for justice and the common good, but they are just a bunch of crooks! They wouldn't understand the meaning of justice even if it smacked them upside the head! Cops, 5o5o, pigs, popo, or police, they are all the same no matter what their called. They will always be a bunch of donut eating, coffee drinking, no good, crooked government working spies on the common joe.

    Posted by: fru
  • No, I don't like them.

    I think they are just thugs with a gun and a badge and they abuse their authority. They kill unarmed people and only get paid vacation for punishment. They use excessive force so often these days. I've experimented by asking what the laws were and they'd lie to what suits them best. Usually about carrying a gun in the car. They said I'd have to keep the firearm and ammunition separate and out of reach. The real law here is I can't just have it concealed (if you don't have a CCW). It can be loaded with one in the chamber and sitting in my lap if I want it to.

  • I Do Not Like Poice of the 21st Century

    No, I do not like police of the 21st century. Too many police officers these days seem to care less and less about serving and protecting the public. Instead, it seems like more and more of them become officers in order to experience a power trip and to dangle that power in front of those less fortunate.

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