Do you like The Wanted (yes) or One Direction (no)?

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  • One Direction is well known while The Wanted aren't at all

    One Direction is the first billion dollar band and their fans basically rule Twitter. The boys are not only talented with songs like No Control, Drag Me Down, and Girl Almighty, they're also extremely charitable. Louis Tomlinson recently organized a Cinderella ball for children with cancer. He had dresses and suits custom made for the children and he also had wands with their names sewn on, handed out. He and Liam donated millions of pounds on their own things just to help raise money. The boys care for their fans; they make sure that none of the fans have gotten hurt and that they're happy. They also care for eachother; when Niall Horan was pushed my paparazzi, Zayn Malik and their fans defended him against the man who pushed him.

  • Its so obvious!!!

    One direction got 116+ awards in three years while the wanted got around 68 awards in six years. What dies this tell you? Also, one direction has the largest fandom in the world: i don't even remember the wanted having a name for their fandom. One direction is the biggest boy-band in over thirty seven countries.

  • No, One Direction is more entertaining.

    Yes, One Direction is more entertaining and talented as a group than the Wanted. One Direction's music has more musical intonation to it and better harmonies. They are also more popular, and they have a wide following all over the world. The Wanted is okay too, but they are just not as talented as One Direction.

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