• I like traveling in asia!

    I will live in japan when i'm an adult, I will visit china, South korea, Vietnam, And other asian countries, And asia is my favorite part of the travel. Japan has anime, Women, Robots, Sushi, Video games, And electronics, China has the great wall of china, And south korea has education, This is why i want to visit asia and one asian country that i'm only going to live in is japan!

  • O M Gmlg uhhhh

    Y o u t h i n k t r a v e l s u c k s ? G o c r y l i k e w i m p w h e n y o u r f a m i l y f l i e s a w a y. I admit it is 1% troubling to rush in the airport you just have to be fast not stop in every store now u go ohhhh

  • I hate it

    It's so boring. First, you get up early, pack bags, make it to the airport, go through all kinds of crap, wait for the airplane (I'm an impatient person), wait to get off, and you feel homesick on the plane. It's boring because you stand outside listening to talking when you're somewhere. The hotels usually suck (this christmas, I went to one that had 2 beds and you had to pay for wifi). It's worse if the vacation is in the winter. If I care about what it's like in another country, I will watch a movie or read a book about it. I don't know how people like travel.

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