• I have no issue with wildlife

    Of course, I like wildlife. At least, I know I really don't have any issues with it. I think it just makes this world more unique, knowing that there are animals out there, running around, doing what they have to do to survive. In their minds, they are in control, and I find that fascinating.

  • Yes I do!

    Wildlife is something to enjoy not kill.So what if a bear attacks you you don't need to kill it they are living thing like us would you want someone to kill you if you attacked them.I mean its not to bad if you think about it.Some people don't care about it but please care.

  • Everybody should like wild life it is our responsibility

    Without wildlife there is no human existence on the earth
    if we do not love wild life it will harm us
    if we love wildlife it will protect us .From wildlife we are getting so many thing which are useful to us.
    So we should love wild life
    "i too love wildlife"

  • I love animals.

    Without wildlife, plants will have nothing to keep it limited and then we would have used all our resources cutting down unneeded plants. So, without wildlife we would be wasting our time.
    We would use most of our brain power on how to use all the plants we can't eat. If we had herbivores, with carnivores we would have TOO MANY herbivores.

  • Because it rocks

    Wild life is what makes life life with out wild we would have nothing to watch or nothing to learn about wildlife is the essesence of nature self it what we like its what keeps us alive in this crazy world that we call earth its true so love wildlife

  • Love, not like.

    It's ony these people who say they just "like" wildlife. Real men love wildlife. I've been engaged to a birch tree for the last three years. We haven't set a day for the wedding yet. Are you judging me! Don't judge our love! And don't judge me for not wanting to get married just yet!

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