• I listen from time to time.

    Beethoven's music has had a lasting quality that crosses centuries. I expect that the complexity and the beauty of the music written by Beethoven will lead it to be appreciated for centuries to come. Personally, I could not come close to finding any music written that comes anywhere close to breaking the ground that Beethoven broke and appreciate his work.

  • I Do Occasionally

    While I do listen to Beethoven, I don't specifically single him out for his music over other classical composers. Generally speaking, if I'm listening to classical music, it's either on a Spotify station or I'm just surfing "Study music" on YouTube and Beethoven will come on. His music is good but obviously from another era, so it's hard to related to much of it.

  • I like Beethoven

    I like Beethoven. His music is great to listen to after a day of work and responsibilities. I grew up in a house with parents that played Beethoven and other classical musicians for enjoyment. I definitely carry on that tradition in my own home. Beethoven's music is civilizing and refreshing to the ear.

  • I don't listen to Beethoven.

    I'm not really into that type of music but I do appreciate the talent of it. I don't think I could ever play an instrument that well. I don't have the patience to practice to play an instrument that well. Beethoven is very impressive but I don't listen to his music.

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