Do you look down at blue collared workers?

Asked by: 43ver
  • Don't even bother

    Its hard to even look at proudly short-sighted blue collar workers when you look up to see the efficiency exhibited by robots in the work force.
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  • Blue collar workers are important

    Blue-collar workers are the backbone of America doing jobs like manufacturing maintenance construction and installation looking down on them would be foolish because the many blue-collar jobs pay just as well as white-collar jobs and also it is wrong To look down on someone for doing a different type of work than you are doing

  • Blue collar workers are the backbone of the American society.

    Every morning these men and women get up an go to jobs that the rest of us would find unruly and disgusting. And most blue collars find it that way too, yet they suck it up because their families need them to do it. Research indicates that all families have an average of two children. How can these children go and get a good education without their parents paying the required tuition. That is also why I think that we should look up to them. When they have children after their lives have gone awry they still want those kids to have a better, brighter future than the blue collars were given. That is also why they should have higher pay and less taxes than corporate fat cats who sit at a desk all day and sign a few papers that automatically gets them 1.25 million dollars. That's all I have to say. And remember guys, make America great again....

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