Do you look forward to exercise each day?

Asked by: Shlo
  • Running to cinematic music, Zumba, lifting 20 minutes maximum

    I just do all the things I want to do. And if I'm careful and listen to how my body feels, then exercising is rarely painful or daunting. There was a learning curve during my introduction to fitness, but now it's all about feeling good during/after exercise. My body does what I need it to do, and I do what my body enjoys, too.

    Posted by: Shlo
  • I hate exercising

    Exercising is boring and dull. Its not fun at all. I don't exercise because of this: boring. Sports are worse, they are dangerous. You could break aleg because of exercising and sports! Im an anti-exercise and anti-sports person and I always will. There are other alternatives like eating healthier or sleeping a lot in a cold room.

  • Er, yes, no, sometimes

    I try to get regular exercise. I generally just do cardio (brisk walking, cycling etc). If the weather is nice (not too hot, cold, not windy etc) then then I look forward to the exercise. If the weather is too hot or cold then I tend to dread it, or if i'm tired, busy etc, it can be a dread. In saying that, I hate sitting around doing nothing and so exercise can seem appealing if I've been sedentary all day.

  • Exercising is not fun

    I don't work out much, so I don't really like exercise. I can see that people who are actually in shape may like exercise, but I don't like it that much. I try to do it, so that I can get better, and I think that maybe if I do it more often, which is what I am trying to do, I may start to like it.

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