• Lamp? Who is she?

    Lamps has a great taste in style. You can change the top of lamp anytime you want! I think changing bulbs are fun! Maybe Im weird but at least lamp loves me.... Maybe one day Ill get to visit a museum of lamps.... Gosh Ive always wanted that. Ever since birth!

  • I love lamp

    I love...... Carpet.
    *Ron Burgundy nods*
    I love.... Desk.
    Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?
    I love lamp.
    Do you really love the lamp or are you just saying it because you saw it?
    I love lamp! I love lamp.

  • Duh, It's Lamp

    Lamp brightens up the room when people are down and he helps us read when we cant seem to find the words and sometimes He's so high He's on the ceiling. Good Ole lamp. When He's out, he stays out until someone turns him on and then he's back to brightening up peoples life.:)

  • Lamp is wonderful

    Lamp is the best character in the Brave Little Toaster movies! He has depth, he brings a lot of heart to the plot, and he lights up the darkness. Without Lamp the plot would not have nearly the heart it does. His interactions with the other characters is deeply moving and thought provoking. The character of Lamp is essential to the entire plot and the movie would not be the same without him, he's well written and well played.

  • Of course I do

    Lamb is one of my favourite meat ever. Especially It's necessary to put cumin when you stir-fry mutton,and steam lamb ..That is why lamb is my first choice of all . Roasted mutton and wow , ….. M.,.,.,.,.,.,,m.,.,And in my hometown ,we can not eat pork because some religions forbid us to do so , but instead they provide us with delicious lamb ……that is better ..

  • Lamps are good.

    I don't know just look at them. Lamps are obviously the most lovable item in an average household. They come in many different shapes and sizes, so what's not to love about them. Their variety increases with many different colors available in almost every store in America. I. Love. LAMPS!

  • Do You love Lamp?

    I think that we as America should learn to love lamp. It would be good for the national economy, and would just make people happier all around. Brick Tamland taught us all how to love lamp, so America should follow suit with him. Everybody should love lamp like he loved Lamp.

  • Why wouldn't you love lamps?

    Without the proper light you can not really see. Usually when you walk into a room you usually see lamps. They can be used for decoration or for light use. I know in my parents bedroom they do not have lights they only have lamps. Same with my grandmas house in some rooms the only light comes from a lamp. And also the lamps are very useful.

  • Do you love lamp?

    Are you just saying you love lamp or do you really love lamp. Now i have to take up 50 more words so just ignore this part but please click your opinion, the results will be very infromative. Have a nice day and remember that lamp loves you too. Too.

  • No, Such Love Must Be Replaced.

    It is not possible for me to love lamp. To be fixated on that inanimate object is what those in the past have done to justify their feeling of love. This feeling of love must be eradicated and replaced with a more logical suitor. Therefore, I have decided to love carpet.

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