• In an Actress Kind of Way

    Although I don't love Rachel Weisz personally because I don't know her, she is a very competent actress who seems to have uneven roles in movies. She's a fantastic leading actress who deserves more screen time. She doesn't make headlines for the wrong reasons and is part of the Julia Roberts generation of talent in Hollywood.

  • She is intelligent

    One thing I love about her is she is not a sex symbol but rather an intelligent chick. She's the kind of girl that if she was doing a narraration on Ancient Egyptian or Aztec or Roman society (which she has done in movies), I would fall asleep in daze. She is a very pretty girl and I have fell in love with her for a long time.

  • No, I do not love Rachel Weisz.

    Rachel Weisz is an accomplished actress and model. However she has never been one of my favorites to watch. I have enjoyed a few of her roles in films but none to a very large degree. I have many other favorite actors and actresses that I would much rather watch then Rachel Weisz.

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