Do you men agree or disagree with women being in the military?

Asked by: maria112
  • If women can pass the physical requirements, I have no objection

    The only time I would have a problem with it, is if there is special treatment given to women just to be able to say that you have X percentage of women in the military. I've heard of things like this with other male dominated professions, such as fire fighters.

  • I don't care.

    If a woman is in the military, that's fine. If a man is in the military that's fine. I'd rather a more peaceful life instead of one of war. But sadly this isn't the case.

    So if let's say a woman or man reaches the requirements. Who cares what gender they're?

  • Provided requirements do not change.

    If we say a soldier needs to be able to run this fast, jump this high, carry this much, and do these things, those things are applied to EVERY single one of our soldiers Male or Female.

    These people are between life and death based on their fellow man or woman, and by extension, us as the people they're protecting are between life and death based on their success.

    If a Woman can meet standards, by all means, be frontliners, nurses, techs, and pilots of whatever. If She cannot, she cannot, that's the end of it. Same with men, if you're unable to meet standards as a male, too bad.

    This is war, if someone doesn't have the strength to lift a fellow soldier after being wounded and drag them to safety in their gear. They've through no fault of their own, doomed that fellow soldier to death, and may even pay with their own life for trying to drag them out and failing.

    I support anyone who can do this, but I'll never support lowering the bar to make it possible.

  • It is Good

    I'm no feminist, but I agree women should be allowed to serve, they are people too. But this does not detract from my belief that war is bad. War is horrible. It damages lives, families, economies, etc, I think steps should be taken to stop war to make humanity more efficient.

  • Make the grade.

    Contrary to Maria's idea that "Woman are just as strong." fact is, the majority of men are stronger in the needed fields than the majority of women. There are exceptions on both sides of course but for the most part, men are just better equipped. Thing is, there are exceptions.
    The military has had a history of sifting out those who can not make the grade. In the past, they set the pole lower for women but didn't allow them to be in forward combat positions. To many, this was just fine but some women look at it as being looked down upon. They wish to be looked at with the same respect. If they feel that way, fine, but if they are given the same combat positions, they need to be able to perform at the same level. No more low bar. In battle, they would need to keep up with men or they would hold the whole group back.
    This is the same reason why fewer women are in fire departments. If they are unable to carry the hose or a person, the fire could spread farther or a person may die. On the battle field, a soldier of either gender that can not perform risks the lives of their fellow soldiers. Sure, women should be able to be in battle positions, if they can make the grade.

  • I believe it's great that women join the military and fight along side the male soldier.

    Woman are just as strong (mentally, emotionally, physically, etc.) as men are. Obviously it is not the case for every single women in the world. Not every single man in the world is strong enough to endure everything the military has to throw at its soldiers just like how not every single woman wants to join the military. If they want to fight alongside men, I say we let them.

  • Absolutely of course, but the problem is....

    Standards have all ready been changed to make entrance easier.
    They should be in the military, they should be included in the "draft law". They should be put on the front lines of true combat. They should be treated the exact same. No special right or privilege. You should not get credit for being in the military until you are under the same laws and expectations.

    Posted by: zoo
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  • None or all?, this opinion relies too heavily on the assumption of a general labeling of all females, and the term Military

    A woman should most definitely be allowed in the military. However, joining the military does not specifically imply combat arms. The military has no distinction in definition than that of a civilian job. The requirements to perform the job adequately are not specific to the entirety of the organization. As a simple example, the employment of the company 'McDonald's' does not imply that each person under that employ performs the same tasks. Each job in the military, and outside of it, requires certain tasks to be performed in order to achieve the goal, and there are certain restrictions that would inhibit individuals from performing those tasks. (color blind, flat feet, minimum lifting requirement, limitations on time and distance, personal motivation, work ethic, etc) .
    There is no logic in assuming that a woman is the same as women, as there is none in assuming that a man is the same as man.
    Obviously it is incorrect to assume that all men are qualified to perform the tasks, either.
    To logically define this agreement, it would be acceptable to maintain a specification of the opinion. "Do you agree with women being in the MOS (military occupational Specialty) that they are qualified for?"
    In relation, should men be allowed to participate in the MOS that they are qualified for?
    As logic would dictate that Men are people, and that women are people, then a man, and a woman are both People.
    As for military, the proper reference would be primary military occupational specialty qualification.

    So your question translates into "do you agree with people being in the position they are qualified for?"
    Simply, yes. A person should be in only the position that they are qualified for.

    So the question of whether I agree with women being in the military implies that all women should be allowed in all aspects of the military.
    No I do not agree.
    If a (wo)man meets the criteria for being in an MOS, then (s)he should be allowed
    If a (wo)man does not meet that criteria, then (s)he should not.

  • I'm actually in 50/50 limbo on this.

    If a woman can do the same tasks, by all means she should be allowed. These women will have to be more muscular than average, and even then will have difficulty meeting the same muscle mass as a male of the same size. But there is some more biology to be considered. One is pregnancy. Males and females together, it will happen. I suppose it can be overcome with a birth control injection or implant, but what happens if it's missed. Plus, I've watched too many movies where a couple decides on some hanky panky and their inattentiveness to their duties gets themselves/someone else killed. And what about menstruation. It happens, fact of life. You can't have women in combat having to stop to change stuff. PMS also happens, and even without it, mood swings. Not good in a combat situation. I guess they could get injections to combat all of this and make them not so much all the things it means to be a woman? Anyway, not entirely against, just not entirely for, think it needs realistic thoughts about real issues of biological differences.

  • Women Should Not be in the military

    Women should not be in the combat field because their nervous system is more better then men which can trigger emotions faster,which can lead to very bad mistakes on the combat field and it will be there mistake,I am not a feminist but when it comes to a combat zone women should be left out and men are better equiped for it and more "Made For"

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