Do you mental hospital doctors (and their supporters) disgust you?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • "Hate" is too much of a power-giving word; hate usually means the one you hate is winning; these guys are benieth me

    Mental hospital doctors. What inferior pieces of dog shit they are. They can't even fight someone, so they decide to drug people up. But anyways, those types are inferior, cause I can punch them in the face. Mental hospital doctors and what they believe in -- it disgusts me to be honest, ladies and bros.

  • What is this, I don't even...

    Vouz me rendez malade.
    Remember, to be admitted to a mental hospital, you have to admit you need help. The practitioners in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest are fictional, to be sure. Yes, there are probably abuses, but considering the myriad array of everyday abuses that are far more immediate to the average person, it can be nicely glossed over in the evening news.
    In any case, they are professional people taking care of those that cannot help themselves. If that is deserving of scorn, then I want an explanation why.

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