Do you miss Classic ABC TGIF sitcoms from the 1980s & 1990s?

  • A bygone era

    They had plots and they did not need to force people to watch them. They were funny and a lot of people watched them.

    Sure there were less colored people but they are not forced like they are now.
    Go watch and count the ratio of colored to gay people on modern sitcoms.

    They just slap them on thier for the sake of numbers but you can tell its forced. And then they act like every person is the same and lives the same.

    Its about a trendy family with a hipster lifestyle that no average person has experienced. Why are they spending money on that or doing this strange hipster thing?

  • Yes, ABC TGIF was Awesome

    The classic ABC TGIF shows we all know and loved such as
    Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, Step by Step,
    Boy Meets World, Dinosaurs, Clueless, Sabrina the Teenage Witchetc were instant classics,
    How could anyone not love Dinosaurs with
    Earl Sinclair and Baby Sinclair, And the TV series
    Clueless, Based on the 1995 movie with Alicia Silverstone, Countless Americans grew up with TGIF, For more info on TGIF, See the wikipedia entry for TGIF,

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