• It improves your success rate.

    The argument of the handful of self made billionaires that dropped out of highschool are what Malcolm Gladwell would call "outliers." (Outliers is also the name of his book. For a good read, check it out.) Because not everyone is capable of being an "outlier," the common man/woman would have more of a chance if they finished high school, and got a college degree.

  • Who is this guy?

    It's been weirding me out for the longest time! Who is the nameless person who posts two or three times in their own thread from the same website with a randomly generated question which may or may not actually have anything to do with the article that is cited?!

    Is it automated? Is it Terminator 2.0? Is it just some angry and lonely moderator? I just need to know!

  • One does not need a graduate degree to become a billionaire

    Bill Gates and Michael Dell are just twp examples of people who do not have graduate degrees and are billionaires.There are plenty of people who do have graduate degrees and are not very wealthy. When it comes to being successful, you need to be creative, fearless and have a great idea more than a formal education.

  • The degree can¡®t help and matter much.

    Billionaires are rare. Distinguished from other they may not follow the ordinary path we all take. The degree is only a symbol. To some extent, it reflects your knowledge. But it can't comprehensively show the whole being. The most important qualities to produce a billionaire, actually have nothing to do with degree. Your ability, your leadership, your courage and creativity, opportunity and challenge, which are all not obtained in school or in the pursuit of high degree. You can gain them in society. Society is a broader world. Why do billionaires limit themselves in the school and stick to a paper which contains no direct and practical value?

  • The Changing Economy

    All you need is ingenuity, creativity, and a successful marketing campaign. Having friends in the right places is also a significant factor.

    There are a lot of college graduates out there right now that are significantly underemployed, or unemployed all together. In this economy, students with technical training are better off financially than degree holders! (CDL-A drivers, HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, Automotive techs etc)

  • Most case studies show that most billionaires don't finish their degrees.

    I can think of countless examples of people who drop out of their studies, yet become extremely successful. For example, Steve Job, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Ellison.

    Despite this, most of them owe at least a part of their success to attending college classes. Ill take Steve Jobs as an example, he dropped out of his college degree, however, this meant he was able to take classes that interested him, not those he needed for a job. It was in these classes, that he learnt things that would later be used at Apple.

    So, while college may be a useful part in most billionaires pathways to success, the degree itself ensures nothing.

  • No, you do not have to graduate to be a billionaire

    I disagree that you have to graduate to be a billionaire. There are countless examples of highly successful billionaires who never graduated from college or even high school. Simon Cowell and Mark Zuckerberg are two examples. However, these examples are exceptions and graduating does make it more likely that you will earn more money in the future.

  • You need nothing to have something

    Bill Gates and the rest all have billions and all have degrees from incredible universities. But you can simply make the same amount of money given your brain capacity. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars to earn a billion dollars in college. Or, you can simply inherit from those who did work hard fro there money.

  • No, you do not need a graduate degree to be a billionaire.

    No, you do not need a graduate degree to be a billionaire. There are a few people who have made a large fortune that have not completed a higher education program, however it certainly helps to complete a graduate program to have a higher chance for success. Becoming a billionaire without a degree is not impossible, but is certainly unlikely.

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