• I say yes

    I say this because people can connect with something so when they are lonely. It is a fact that an animal can improve a child’s socialization and if they have a mental illness it can improve that. So with an animal people will have less anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. I have anxiety and a panic attack disorder but I also have 4 kittens, 1 ferret, a turtle, a lizard, and fish which I believe helps calm me. It can also help chronic illnesses which I also have I have GI issues which have not yet been diagnosed. Which it all is very stressful so my cat especially help my stress and anxiety and my panic attacks so this is my opinion. But I would say they are especially needed if you have chronic and/mental illness. Reply if you have anything to add I love to hear others stories and opinions!

  • Yes you do

    It is important to have a pet in the house. They are loving
    And heartwarming. If you need them they are always there.
    But if you have a pet look after it because it didn't ask
    to be there. You put him there so you are responsible for
    him/her.😃 Pets will never be mad at you no matter the

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