Do you need to study math before you study economics?

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  • Generally, Economics Requires Math

    I am not a big supporter of requirements when it comes to classes, but I believe it is best to have a common understanding of math before you begin studying economics. Economics is a terribly murky subject that is difficult to teach and difficult to comprehend correctly. Mathematics is straight forward and generally easier to grasp and can be helpful when making assumptions in economics.

  • Yes you should.

    Economics classes require a little bit of math. It is not too much, but it is enough to the point where you need to know math to understand economics. I took economics classes during college and if I didnt know math I probably would have failed the course so I think its importan.t

  • Economics heavily involves quantification.

    It's possible to learn and speak the jargon of economics without learning the math, but you won't be able to understand how economics actually works. Most if not all the graphs of economics heavily involve statistics, another field where math is essential.

    Philosophy is another field that would help immensely to study before studying economics, but it's not nearly as much as a prerequisite as mathematics.

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