Do you oppose America spying on European leaders?

  • Yes, we need friendly relationships with Europe.

    Yes, I oppose America spying on European leaders, because it builds mistrust. Gathering intelligence from Europe should not require tapping phones from individual leaders and invading their personal lives. Since the NSA controversy broke, other countries, and even Americans, have been very distrusting of the United States, and this is not beneficial to international relations.

  • Spying on Our Allies Costs Us Friendship and Trust

    Spying on our European allies was politically foolish.
    Getting caught was bad for our public image, and when we chose to make a
    practice of spying on our political friends it was inevitable that someday we
    would get caught. Now, we seem hypocritical
    when we lecture other governments on the way they ought to behave. Now, our
    protestations of good fellowship sound hollow. We will have to act like good world citizens
    for many years before we are fully trusted again.

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