• Death Penalty for Murder

    I think murder should be penalized with a death sentence. And the execution should take place quickly, too. If you have taken a life, you will pay for it with yours. And you won't spend years living in prison, getting food and medical treatment paid for with taxpayers' money. It is only fair.

  • It is awful

    The death penalty is just another form of murder. How can we say we are against murder and then allow the government to murder people.

    There is also no way to garuntee that you have the right person, even people who have confessed have been proven innocent years after they are executed.

  • I most certainly do.

    I completely oppose the death penalty. Here's why:
    1. Criminals who deserve it should spend a lifetime in prison thinking about what they did instead of a quick, painless death. I'm sorry, but death is an easier way to go.
    2. Our legal system is so unstable and untrustworthy these days, it is very likely that innocent people will be put to death.
    3. Death is immoral. Why all the killing? Let's just be a peaceful society.

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