• Yes i do

    I believe it is our 2nd amendment right and i also believe gun owners should show responsibility in handling them. I was taught at a young age how to handle firearms and their dangers, just as I was taught how to drive responsibly . Guns arent a problem, gun users are.

  • Yes, I do.

    I have rifles for deer hunting, shotguns for bird hunting, and a pistols for home protection. I understand how some people are uncomfortable with firearms, but I believe it stems from ignorance induced fear. My guns are tools, and I use them as such. The fact that I own firearms does not mean that I am, or will ever be, a criminal which is the way some gun control advocates make it sound.

  • Yes, i do.

    I own to many guns to count. It is kind of ridiculous, but my dad likes guns so we have a lot.
    We do use most for hunting, but my dad and i like to go and shoot cool guns, and sometimes he does target shooting competitions.

    We have guns that we use for fun, and of course we have guns for protection. We live in a good town, but you never know what will happen. Its just precautionary because we would rather be ready, then be dead. I don't live in fear at all that my house will get robbed, but i still will always be ready.

  • No, I don't agree

    Nowadays, the social security is better than before. It has more laws and policies to control the public security. So, if someone who has doing bad things, the law will punish him or her.
    In the event of people can bring the gun on hand, they just see the guys that he/ she doesn’t like then shoot him /her on the street, the social will be mess and the life become belittle.
    In Taiwan, the people who own a gun is not legitimate. I think the most important is would like to maintain social stability. Few months ago, the man who bring the knife on the MRT and kill lots of people. On that time if he own the gun is fine, it will become more people are going to die, so I don’t agree to own the gun on hands, it is too dangerous.

  • I am Australian and I am 15 so of course not

    You don't get guns here in Australia. We are not America. The reason we don't get them is because in Tasmania, when we did, a mass shooting occurred so we had to take them away. However, I think you Yanks love your guns a bit too much which is why nine out of the forty-four US presidents were shot so if you hate Obama, there is still a small chance that it will soon be ten :P

  • I'm also Canadian

    Not only do I not own a gun, but I don't know anyone in my city who does. It is quite rare in my area for someone to do so. As a result, there is no gun violence in my city and I can walk anywhere 24/7 without worry. That being said, I still don't have a problem with people owning guns, especially in the rural areas.

  • I am Canadian, gun laws eh?

    We have strict gun laws. Guns are hard to get a hold of, and most people are permitted just a shotguns in rural communities (for pests). Cops have handguns and are the ONLY people who need them! I feel safer knowing that the guy behind me isnt going to "pop a cap in my az"!

  • No, I don't

    In Australia, you are not permitted to own a gun. Owning guns is illegal. I don't believe you need guns to feel safe. If your country doesn't have guns, then you don't need a gun to feel safe. Without guns being legal, there aren't gun wielding people coming at you.

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