Do you perceive the word "foreign" in a positive (yes) or a negative (no) sense?

  • Depends on context

    Foreign really depends on context, of course, as so many things do, but it really does depend. Foreign simply means, in the language, unknown or strange, which are, to be fair, neither inherently bad or good in nature. Foreign might be good or bad depending on the person using it.

  • Other cultures are fun.

    I perceive the word foreign in a positive sense, because diversity of cultures are interesting. Most people spend a lot of time and effort trying to save the money to travel abroad. Learning about other cultures helps us learn to relate to each other, and helps us learn to understand ourselves.

  • Yes, the word "foreign" is positive.

    I believe the word "foreign" to be a positive word because of meaning of the word itself. In my definition, foreign is something that is new to a person. Something new to me is always good in a sense that I am acquiring something that I have now seen, heard, or done before.

  • Yes, I view foreign in a possitive sense.

    The word foreign is a mysterious word, it can mean they are from anywhere. Maybe from another country or even from another planet. This word brings joy to me, the thought of knowing that more people that can think in a critical way is amazing. Foreign means possibility for the future.

  • Foreign is still a positive word

    I think the word "foreign" is still a positive word in America. This is still a land of opportunity and freedom and we still invite foreign people to achieve success in America. Even throughout the world with terrorism and fear, the word "foreign" maybe a little uneasy to some, but generally it is something we welcome as a free country.

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