Do you plan on having kids? Why or why not?

Asked by: AJRoss
  • To support the future

    I want to support my family and the future of this world. By having kids, I will be passing on my knowledge and my characteristics to them too, and it will make me happy that someone else, who wasn't possible without me, will be successful in their own life. I do plan on having children.

  • I don't plan to

    Raising a family is not one of my intended goals in life. I am leaning towards a childless life, mostly for philosophical reasons. I believe that some, perhaps most people have children for the wrong reasons; external pressures and/or because they think being a parent will bring them happiness. Parenthood means having to sacrifice your life to raise your offspring, and I'm not down with that. Additionally, I believe people can contribute to humanity in ways other than raising children.

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