• They are fun.

    Yes, I plan on purchasing a drone in the future, because there are a lot of good things that a drone could do. A drone could catch a ball that ends up on the top of the house or in a gutter. A drone could fly high and take pictures of the weather or the sky. It'd be cool.

  • Yes, I currently own a drown and find it a fun hobby

    I have purchase several 'drone' helicopters over the past two years, and really enjoy flying them. I have one that is camera enabled, and love the ability to take pictures and videos of scenery in places that I visit. I know that some people have concerns about drones and privacy, but I don't believe drones infringe on privacy nearly as much as social media does.

  • Drones Will Be Everywhere

    You have to be considering a drone going forward. There aren't any real practical applications for the consumers just yet, but certainly you can see the use for delivery services such as Amazon and UPS. Drones are going to be much like vehicles going forward, especially if the technology exists to keep drones from crashing into each other!

  • Not without $$$

    This answer is coming more from my financial background. I've really had no use to buy or use a drone for any purpose. I guess it would be run to try it out and take pictures from unique perspectives, but it's not worth my investment right now. Plus I don't want to be responsible if said drone were to crash into someone's home and critically injure someone, either that or have the drone land on someone's property without their permission and get sued and/or go to jail for an invasion of one's privacy. These "toys" might be cool and tacky, but I'm still a hesitant.

    Posted by: S.K
  • No, a drone is no more useful than a self driving car

    Purchasing a drone will be a short lived fad like Segways which came out several years ago. Though you still see them around, they did not have the impact the inventor thought they would. A personal drone does not have much appeal, as there is no indication of practical daily usage.

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