• I plan on going to see The Perfect Match.

    I will absolutely be going to see The Perfect Match when it get released. I love romatnic comedies, and this looks like it will be a very entertaining one. In addition, I love seeing singers make their movie debuts, so I am looking forward to seeing "Cassie" make her big picture debut!

  • The Perfect Match is Not the Movie to Watch with My Perfect Match

    As a newly-wed, after being on the dating market for so long, I have no real desire to see a romantic comedy in the near future. First, I'm busy living the life instead of dreaming about the life of "happily ever after." Further, romantic comedies are great, but forget to tell the tale of what happens after initial wedded-bliss!

  • No, I will not be seeing The Perfect Match

    The movie The Perfect Match does not appeal to me as a movie-goer. The rating for this movie is R, and that tells me right away swearing and nudity are involved. The movie trailer for this movie shows almost naked people falling into bed several times. I am not interested in watching people behave immorally, and the plot of the movie is not original.

  • No, I do not plan on seeing the movie "The Perfect Match."

    No, I do not plan on seeing the movie "The Perfect Match" because the plot of the movie doesn't seem very interesting. Although the movies has a lot of celebrity filled guest appearances, I just couldn't see myself going to the movie theaters and paying to see a movie that I know will not be very good.

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