Do you plan to go shopping on Thanksgiving Day in 2014?

Asked by: TravelingtheUSA
  • Target starts early

    Target starts it's sales at 8:00 thanksgiving day! They don't start their real sales until the next day but they still will have great deals. Last year we went to target on thanksgiving and it was packed. As the doors opened everyone rushed in. It was like a stampede!. I was safe because I stayed in get clothing section while the technology section was packed.

  • All Retailers Should Stay Closed on Thanksgiving

    I do not have any plans on shopping on Thanksgiving Day in 2014. After all, are any retail CEO's, Company Presidents, Board of Directors, Vice President of Departments and corporate executive who make a six figure or higher going to be at a store helping out customers? They are going to be home enjoying their Thanksgiving with their Family and Friends while retail associates are forced to go to work or risk getting fired and work up to 12 hours just so retailers can make a profit.

    Retailers should open the day after Thanksgiving early so that their associates can celebrate Thanksgiving with the family and friends. I believe Thanksgiving is a day we should give thanks to God for the many blessing we have in our lives. This includes of family and friends, our children and grandchildren, our health and our nation’s military who protect and defend the freedom we cherish in the United States of America.

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