• We Still Have Some Rights

    At this point the US has not yet successfully stripped all individual rights and liberties, although if the trend continues as it has for the past 30 years it is likely that future generations will not be born with rights and will have to go back to war for them if they want to have freedom.

  • Everybody Has Rights

    Everybody has the right to their human dignity and to happiness. These are rights that people are born with, and these are rights that can never be taken away. All other rights stem from those two. Unfortunately, some people live in countries that do not even recognize this fundamental truth.

  • No we don't.

    We can't do drugs even though it's our body. We are drug tested for everything, but elected officials are not. We have to pay taxes on land that we own. The government taxes MY land why? My tax money that I earned is given to someone else. Cops have become judge, jury, and executioner. I have to pay $100+ for electric when it costs almost nothing to create. .

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