Do you prefer a monogamous relationship, or no you render your options unlimited (polygamous).

Asked by: heisnotrisen
  • Safety should be the concern of anyone in a relationship

    People think that open honest free relationships are the best but it is better to just set down the law and compromise what is okay and isn't okay. Otherwise some feelings of regret amd remorse might happen of people wanting to complain about their partner's philanthropy but silencing their tongue because they are in a "open relationship". Besides the freedom to copulate with anyone you want to isn't always a blessing. Having sex with lots of people even while protected isn't safe as their are plenty of dangers of getting attacked, humiliated and yes pregnancy (sometimes not even the mighty condom is the best method of protection) as you have no clue what the other party might do or want to do to with you (other then sex of course). There is a reason why we build walls even if they box us in.

  • I believe in one man, one wife.

    But even with that said, who in this day and age can afford multiple wives and multiple women and multiple pregnancies by those multiple wives.
    What I am saying is this is not only a moral religious issue but a practical one as well. And why should your wife be jealous of your other wives...It's not fair to her : )

  • Definitely want an open relationship

    I'm much like heisnotrisen except gay. I might marry in the future but I'd prefer a guy who wants to have an open relationship though with people we both know not just random strangers. My mind could be changed if I met the right guy, but "wants an open relationship" is definitely a plus.

  • I am profoundly promiscuous.

    I enjoy diversity and prefer to maintain my relations with women exclusively to that of a carnal nature. Moreover, I find limiting my relations with one individual not only monotonous, but also hinders my ability to locate additional partners. My perspective regarding a multiple partnered relationship may either dissipate or intensify given the time.

  • I do not prefer monogamy:

    However it is not for my person. I actually do not want the responsibility of a partner with only one partner, myself, but I myself am not terribly interested in investigating multiple partners or parties. Essentially I don't want to have to be someone's "go to" all the time and can know that the responsibility is shared.

  • In a committed relationship, it should be about what both of you want

    If one person wants to have multiple partners, but their own partner does not, that is a recipe for disaster.

    There is nothing wrong with having an open marriage or an open relationship, so long as the individuals involved are healthy, mature and well adjusted.

    The last thing you want is for one partner to bottle up discomfort, only to have it pour out months or years later.

    Be honest, be clear, and you might just have a lot of fun.

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