• A number of reasons

    Cigarettes (with the exception of a couple of brands, namely Nat Sherman and Natural American Spirit) have many additives which not only make cigarette smoking much more unhealthy, but also ruin the taste. Also even smoking the additive-free ones you can feel the unpleasant after-effects of inhaling carbon monoxide which leads to brain damage (these effects were known at least since the 19th century). While cigars tend to have a great taste, do not require
    inhalation, gives a great nicotine effect, they also last longer (for the
    short time that I tried out cigarettes I remember disliking chain
    smoking, whereas I liked to smoke from at least from 20 to 60 minutes). Also additive-free cigarettes tend to have a great taste on the first day, a reasonably good taste on the second day, and a bad taste on the fourth day. I disliked throwing out at one quarter or more of a pack due to this (I did not want to smoke more just to avoid wasting it). Cigars on the other hand you can enjoy one at a time and store them for a long time, and still retain the fresh flavor. Although for the record I still prefer pipe tobacco.

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