• Generally, I do.

    There are some great craft beers, and it seems more time is taken into the artistry and creativity of beer making. They seem to care more about the beer itself, not making as much as they can to get it out as far as they can. I am also not a fan of light beers, which is what the most popular mass produced beers are.

  • Craft beer is better

    I absolutely prefer craft beer over "Big Beer" because craft beer reminds me of a simpler time and age, when all you had to do was heading to the local liquor store and grab a cold six-pack of your favorite brand and enjoy life. So, farewell to the really good times.

  • craft beer just taste better.

    Big beer all taste really bitter and unpleasant. but the craft beers get in the taste of something more. like apples or pears. any number of flavorings can be brought to life in a good craft beer. Big beer is very cheap and very poor. that is why i choose craft beer every time.

  • Craft beer is better

    Absolutely! Craft beer is almost certainly more expensive than the big beer brands, but anyone who drinks beer regularly for enjoyment rather than its inebriating effects, will attest to its superior quality. It's fun to seek out and discover the latest new taste and its definateley worth paying more for.

  • It's more authentic.

    Yes, I prefer craft beer to Big Beer, because I think that Big Beer has an artificial, mass-produced taste to it. It's more fun to drink a craft beer because you know that a small business owner, probably young people, had a lot of fun making the beer and marketing their business.

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