Do you prefer FPS games over Survival (or Survival-Horror) games? I'm curious. I've seen many people like FPS over Survival and vise versa.

Asked by: JESSE1408
  • Quite frankly I like both.

    FPS is fun, you get to do missions and what not. Where-as Surviving can be just as fun too, especially if it is from zombies or other entities.

    My favorite FPS is Combat Arms, but only because my PC can play no other good FPS games.

    My favorite survival game would be Minecraft, again, because my PC can play no other.

    Which one would I go with for a likely choice? FPS, because of the thrill of "Oh my god, am I going to kill him first or is he going to get the drop on me?"

  • I like both, but survival is better.

    Most fps games are the same and are just copy pasted from other fps games and they get boring quickly. While survival games can be have a bunch of different ways to play, like you can go from survival horror to the apocalypse and they are just a lot more creative.

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