• It . Just . Works

    Try buying some apps and then purchase new computer. How do you transfer those apps you bought to the new itunes? How about all your movie and songs. Yup, copy the file one by one. WTF?? Google play let your purchase alive on the cloud. New computer, just sign in. New device just sign in. Multiple device, just sign in. It.Just.Work

  • Simplicity and Streaming

    ITunes irritates me with its numerous versions which keep rolling out. I have to update it frequently and agree to their excessive contracts - which are practically essays. There are also issues with the iTunes album artworks and other fiddly aspects to collection organisation. A small aspect that I like in Google Play is its ability to let me stream music and not have to download, useful for longer pieces that I listen to occasionally but not on the go.

  • Sooooo much more intuitive

    I'm not trying to iTunes bash here. It's a good program and clearly the standard. But the only real reason it's the "standard" is because it was out first and so people got used to it. It's not due to it's superiority over everything else. Google Play isn't perfect...Yet, but people shouldn't pretend that iTunes is either. Google Play has been a breath of fresh air for me. I've grown increasingly frustrated with iTunes, how many new versions they have, and how it will mess up and not recognize songs I've downloaded in the past. GooglePlay has some album artwork issues to iron out, but I've been blown away by how fast it is, how easy it is to use on every device, and it just works. Great quality and simple to use. And I can take anything I've bought from download and automatically sync it to GooglePlay.

  • Web based and so much faster than iTunes.

    ITunes is so slow compared to Google Play it's not even funny. I can download something from google play and it's on my S4 in seconds. It's ridiculous how fast it is. ITunes is so slow compared to Google Play it's not even funny. I can download something from google play and it's on my S4 in seconds. It's ridiculous how fast it is.

  • Easy to access

    You don't have to download a program to see the store, you don't have to input credit card information to make a profile and its easier to find decent free applications. I guess if you are more traditional you would go for ITunes. Thats the only reason I would favor ITunes.

  • It's Web based

    Used iTunes for several years and got fed up with the constant updates, the fact that it was slow to load, didn't handle stray files too well, tried to do too much. Google music cloud is free, web based, no nags, easy to search for tunes in Library, highly generous cloud storage, higher bitrate, no yearly fee. Have hardly used iTunes since, but am firing it up occasionally as I have paid for a yearly account.

  • Google Play Is Much Better.

    I prefer almost anything over iTunes. I really don't like or appreciate the Apple company. They are so immoral and all of their technology takes advantage of their users. So I prefer Google products to most Apple products. This includes Google Play applications. They are more user friendly and respectful of users.

  • I prefer the simplicity.

    I have owned many Android and Apple devices over the years and I can honestly say that Google Play is starting to impress me far more than iTunes. iTunes is close sourced and completely dependent for apple users. Nearly everything on iTunes cost money. This is not the same for Google Play. any individual can easily find a free version of any app on iTunes simply by typing it into the Google Play search engine. It is open source which means more freedom. It is simply better. However there is still much developing that is needed.

  • Its pretty neat

    I like google play cause its pretty neat, iTunes is neat to but google's ecosystem is a lot friendlier and stuff. So yeah, i choose google play. Now i'm just writing to fill up the quota of words necessary to post this comment. So how are you and your family going?

  • No downloads instant stream

    Google play movies stream instantly after purchase when on iTunes you have to wait for the ridiculously slow download and to even get iTunes in the first place you have to download to your pc when google play is online.
    Overall google play 10 points iTunes 0.5 not even a full point

  • Must stream local files on a PC

    The deal breaker for me is that even though all your files that are uploaded to Google Play are still sitting on your harddrive, you MUST now stream them via the internet if using google play. If the PC version had the same "Play files on this device" that the mobile phones do, it would be a winner.

  • I usually use iTunes.

    I have been using iTunes for years now, and even though Google has impressed me with all of the products they have, I still am not ready to let iTunes go. I think iTunes has more media anyway, and definitely more security with the passwords once you buy explicit music.

  • Nothing Beats iTunes

    Google Play is a nice program but it is not touching iTunes. I tunes has the perfect format and it is so easy to use. It's probably the most user friendly media player out there. It is also very easy to find music in the iTunes store. Nothing can replace it.

  • No basic features...

    The new google phones dont play through USB, only BT audio. Kind of annoying but not a huge deal. USB just has some more features that I like. Google play also does not return to random after picking a song like Itunes does. You have to scroll all the way back up to hit shuffle. Theres also no quick letters on the side when picking a song. Another basic feature which google doesnt have.

  • A Couple Things...

    Why Google Play is cloud based and works well, I notice that the audio quality has been reduced due to it being web based. However, it does make getting music between devices much easier. No more needing to sync. So it has it's Pros and Cons. It needs much more development before I use it full time

  • I am surprised!

    I am very confused with this. This is obvious. ITunes is wayyyyy better. First of all, a lot of people say that there is "nothing free on iTunes". That is false. There are TONS of free applications. And, compared to iTunes, Google Play has barely any movies for sale. And, Google Play has about 110,000 apps, and iTunes has 400,000 apps that anyone can download. Yes, Google Play has all of the "essentials" like Angry Birds and so on, but if you look long enough, or know some people who use apps for their living, Google doesn't really have a lot at all. Think of it like this... ITunes has 4 times as much apps, and almost twice as much music. ITunes is the only way to go for me.

  • Not as much apps.

    Itunes has way more apps and is the first choice i would go to. It is easier to use and has better devices to imply with it. It has way more applications, music, podacsts videos and other stuffs. Google also owns half the internet so itunes deserves it more. It is also more functionable

  • No way ..

    Itunes lets you preview songs on albums that have not even released (eli young band march 5th) but I have a Samsung phone..So I can't even do that.. Google has no podcast and are missing bands and songs I like

  • ITunes is AWESOME.

    Sure, there are some nice things on Google Play, but iTunes wins by far. It has nicer album art, easier to use, and it's not that hard to move your files from iTunes to anything else — just going through DRM Removal. It's really both that hard to do it.

  • No, google owns too much.

    No, I do not prefer Google Play over iTunes, because Google owns too much of the internet. Look at what Google has done to YouTube. iTunes has been around for a long time. It is popular, it functions easily, and songs and genres are easy to find. iTunes is better than Google Play in substance and function.

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