Do you prefer high-mast lighting (yes) or regular street poles only (no) on highways? Why?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Yes. High-mast lighting is the future.

    Yes. High-mast lighting should replace the individual street pole lighting systems on highways around America. There is a highly noticeable difference in the lighting quality when you drive under high-mast lighting; particularly when the high-mast lighting is powered by LED bulbs. These lights have the ability to make driving at night better for everyone!

  • Yes, high-mast lighting offers more light.

    Night time driving on highways can be extremely stressful, and as much light should be available as possible to aid drivers to prevent accidents from occurring. High-mast lighting seems to offer much more light than regular street poles, which makes it a better choice for increasing evening and night time visibility on highways.

  • Not just either

    I don't support just putting one of each type up. I think both are necessary. High mast poles work very well, I will agree. Sometimes however it is better to just use the regular street light poles, especially when a highway enters a city and their isn't much room. If there is a wide median however I think high mast street lights should be used.

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