• John Kasich has proven he can get things done

    I definitely prefer John Kasich to Jeb Bush any day. Mr. Kasich came into Ohio and made sweeping changes that helped his state tremendously. Jeb Bush, on the otherhand, is still riding on the coattails of his brother and father; at least he's trying to. What his brother did to the country left us in a financial calamity that we are still recovering from. The damage that George Bush caused is so frightening that Republicans won't publicly say they don't want Jeb, they just refuse to vote for him. Essentially his name is now poison among the GOP. Believe me, no one else whether they are democrat or independent wants anything to do with a political leader with that last name either.

  • Is Jeb Bush actually still in the race?

    If ever there were a Rhino who gave a bad name to Republicans, it would be Jeb Bush. Not only does he "play" the political game as if it were monopoly, but he's also a self-centered sore loser who can't think about anyone other than himself. Anybody is better than him; including Trump, and especially Kasich.

  • I am not a fan of either candidates, but I would choose Jeb.

    I am not a fan of either candidates. I do not support Republicans because I feel that they are greedy idiots who will do anything to maintain their own. I am more familiar with Jeb Bush and I can respect his tenure and relation to two former presidents. However, I was not pleased with either of their presidencies. I feel like Bush would perform the same way. Horribly!

  • There's no separating the two

    I have no preference in this debate, since both of these GOP candidates have so far failed to garner the same level of attention as the other candidates. They both lack the charisma usually associated with a great leader, despite have viewpoints that stand in stark contrast with the more extremist ones held by other candidates (ie Ted Cruz and Christ Christie with regards to America's fight on terror and illegal immigration).

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