Do you prefer streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu over traditional television?

  • Yes. I prefer streaming serives over traditional television

    Traditional Television has become a struggle for the averege person. Most Cable and Satellite companies try to get the most money from you by giving you a lot of extra stuff that nobody has time to watch. Streaming servies are a fraction of the cost and they allow you to watch what you want when you want it. Yes, they do not offer everything that is on Television but they offer enough to satisfy most people. Cable and Satellite is too expensive.

  • Yes, I do prefer streaming services.

    Yes, I do prefer streaming services. I think streaming is much more open and easy. I also don't have to deal with allot of commercials when I stream. I love the way they are set up as well they feel much more personal to me as an whole. I think they are better than TV

  • Yes, streaming services allow for personal customization that traditional television does not

    Streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu offer a unique blend of viewing options completely at the viewer's discretion. Content on streaming services offers a search feature and favorite options are easily added to queues or profiles allowing a quick reference. Further customization is available such as categorization by genre and favorite actor and suggestions for future viewing. Limited commercials increase viewing pleasure be reducing disruption.

  • overcoming traditional resistence

    Traditional television provided limited access for the viewer as in digital services anytime anywhere. Viewers can over come these resistance by using streaming services such as netfix and hulu. Viewers can access non-video services with such streaming services which is unlikely in traditional television. Now you can access digital services with limited fuss.

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