• Yes, I horde them

    I keep things way more than I should, I see value in things that I shouldn't. I am not a horder by any means,but I still like to keep things that I shouldn't The issue is it starts to form clutter and that is not good for anyone. I need to throw stuff out sometimes.

  • I perfer to keep things rather than toss them

    I grew up in house where if something could potentially have some use, you keep it. That habit has extended into adulthood, and I tend to keep everything that might potentially be useful in the future. That tends to also include receipts, and broken items that could potentially be fixed in the future.

  • I'm a saver

    I prefer to keep things than toss them because I never know when something might become useful or necessary. When I was young I had a briefcase of sugar packets, sweet and low, and tooth picks for those odd moments when a little bit of sweetness might be needed in my life.

  • I hate junk.

    I prefer to toss things rather than keep them, because having stuff ties you down. Once I got a new job and I had to move quickly. I moved all of the things that I owned in two trips in the car. This would not have been possible if I had owned furniture and every item I had ever come across over the years.

  • No, I prefer to toss things.

    I tend to have a problem with clutters. So it's easy for me to get bored of things when I've had them for a while. And since I do not like clutter I tend to like cleaning out my house everytime it starts to get a little ridiculous to me.

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