Do you prefer using city cabs (yes) or services such as Uber and Lyft (no)?

  • I perfer using city cabs as opposed to ride services.

    The main reason that my ride of choice is a taxi cab is the fact that most of my trips are short and on very short notice. Hailing a cab on the street is just the fastest manner of getting to where I need to go. Drivers for ride services hate short trips.

  • I will prefer using services like Uber and lyft

    I will like to use the services provided by Uber/Lyft. With such a busy schedule it is very convenient to use their service. With just a tap on your phone button u can get all the taxi service you need and even get picked up within minutes. You can also keep track of the reserved vehicle location.Moreover with the payments being made through apps you no longer have to worry about carrying cash along making you feel safer.

  • I prefer to use city cabs over Uber

    I trust a city cab more that an Uber service. Whether that trust has any merit or not, I'm not really sure. It just seems like since cabs are run and regulated by a city, they give the appearance of being safer and perhaps the drivers are better vetted. It just seems like anyone off the street can become an Uber driver.

  • Uber is the new cab!

    I personally love Uber and Lyft. The ease of use and not having to chase a cab down has changed private transportation forever. I have personally found it a much safer ride as well. It is helping those in the more rural areas as well since cabs are not available in all areas.

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