Do you prepare/organize/revise your debate responses? If yes, how? If no, why not?

Asked by: ForSerious
  • Yes, I take it seriously.

    I use MS Word and outline my arguments before typing them out. I do my best to format them in an easily accessible format, using subheadings and stating exactly what I am going to prove/disprove so that the reader can follow my line of reasoning.

    After I copy/paste it into DDO, I go through the site's spell-check, including it's war on contractions, and review the formatting. I will then re-read my entire argument before submitting.

  • YouTube, Annotation, Read through

    Prepare - Before accepting a challenge I find a quick YouTube video on the topic to make sure I am not completely off base in my background knowledge.
    Organize - After my opponent presents their side, I copy paste it into a word document and highlight bits I need to counter or take advantage of.
    Revise - I read it once through.
    I know my Prepare/Organize/Revise aren't up to academic standards, but DDO isn't exactly affecting my GPA! And I figure it is better than winging it.

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