• Yes,I love Buzzfeed i think they do a wonderful job.

    Yes,I love Buzzfeed I think they do a wonderful job. I feel that the website is the future of content on the Internet. I think they do a wonderful job with the set up and management of their website everyday. I love to share and discover new things on the site all the time.

  • No, because I'm ignorant as to the existence of Buzzfeed

    I don't read Buzzfeed articles because I don't know what they are, which is also the reason I don't share them. I can't recall ever hearing the name before, and so even if I have come into contact with these articles, I was and am unaware of them. However, unless they were particularly offensive or obscene, I generally do share articles of interest that I read online.

  • Buzzfeed articles are not popular enough.

    I do not read and share Buzzfeed articles because I have not read or heard about them until now. If they were worth my attention, they would have already come across my way and I would have remembered what they were about. Therefore, they are not popular enough and I do not engage in this activity.

  • No, I don't read or share Buzzfeed articles

    No, I don't read or share Buzzfeed articles. I find that Buzzfeed doesn't really have articles that are relevant to me or that I am interested in so therefore I don't really go onto the site to read or share any of the information. Buzzfeed seems to hold a collection of random articles from all different sources and I can't rely upon it's standards.

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