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  • Buzzfeed? What articles?

    Buzzfeed is a cesspool of "top 10" this "you won't believe what happens next" that, it's pure clickbait garbage from top to bottom. It caters to the lowest common denominator and any self respecting person is above wasting their time sifting through the crap on there that exists for no purpose other than the ad revenue of clicking through a pointless slideshow.

  • No I do not.

    I don't read buzzfeed articles on their page, although I guess by technicality I do read them. Or, that is, I read the original material that Buzzfeed than plagiarizes and outright steals without giving credit to the original author. It's such a despicable practice that I'm ashamed to know people that do read their articles.

  • I dont read buzzfeed

    No I do not really read buzzfeed articles. When i want to know about something I usually just google it and buzzfeed usually does not pop of in the search results. When I want to read news articles and such I go to and read those articles. I also read articles on facebook.

  • Buzzfeed is not news.

    I personally do not read Buzzfeed articles. I honestly had not heard of them until their giant influx in funding. They are known for their cutesy cat things and that is all. Perhaps they will be in the running with their articles now that have funding galore. Time will tell.

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