Do you realize when you support a ban or a tax, you support throwing people in jail?

Asked by: zestog3
  • Yes but sometimes it's necessary

    Sometimes that is the case anyways. But some bans punish with only a fine or community service.

    It's a balancing act. Is it worth throwing people in jail for? Some taxation is necessary and some things (the most obvious being rape and murder) must be prosecuted to keep us safe.

    Some people (libertarians mostly) would argue that therefore the only taxation should be for the military, police, and justice system. But I think people dying or suffering significant health problems is worse than sending people to jail. So I support taxation to spend on things like Obamacare. In fact I would like to see Medicare for all.

    Libertarians seem to live in this world where the only thing that can cause harm to a person is another person (especially if that other person is an agent of the state). They forget that nature can cause harm and that human beings have and continue to develop better ways of alleviating and curing those harms. Threatening someone with a jail sentence for not paying taxes that will help cure someone's disease is far from being evil.

    As for bans if we're talking about commerce I think for the most part the standard should be informed consent. If there is informed consent let the transaction take place. In some cases even with informed consent there can be some consequences for society, in particular the consumer. In that case it should be allowed if the seller is willing to bear the costs. For instance for addictive substances, if the seller is willing to assume the costs of paying for the buyer's rehabilitation in the case that the buyer and his physician decide they have developed an addiction then it should be allowed. In some cases if the behavioral consequences are bad enough the use of a substance should be limited to a facility under professional supervision where the buyer agrees to remain for the duration of the intoxication.

    The purpose of the product and the consequences for society when that product is used for its purpose has to be considered too. Assault rifles are not just weapons they are unwieldy for self-defense or for hunting. They should be banned. Handguns can be wielded for self-defense, with a training certificate, with agreeing to lock it in a safe when it's not on one's person, with a thorough criminal background check, and a visit to a psychiatrist, then I think people should be allowed to have one.

  • Acepting a tax is not the same as putting someone in jail.

    Paying a tax is not the same as putting someone in jail. As a citizen of a country, you have to accept taxes that are necessary to support basic institutions. If you do not support at tax, you can vote against it in elections or move to another country. Taxes are not that bad.

  • No I dont

    To be honest I never realized that when I support a ban or a tax I support throwing people in jail. I do not think many people think about it this way to be honest. We think of what is on the surface and not what the reprecussions are going to be.

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