Do you really believe women can just "shut that whole thing down" when they are being raped?

Asked by: theantihero10
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  • Women who are being raped and being assaulted.

    Does Todd Atkins believe that a woman's vagina can just close up if she's being raped? If he does, he's obviously never had sex with a woman.
    A woman's body does not just "shut down" and woman do not need to be aroused or conscious for sex to take place.
    And believe it or not, they can still get pregnant.

  • Farts in the face of science.

    Once a man ejaculates inside a woman's vagina, she may get pregnant. Period. Being coerced into such an act doesn't rule out the pregnancy possibility. If that were so, how did 25,000 pregnancies occur from rape in one year, shown by statistics?

    Some women even orgasm from being rape. Again, science: this simply occurs from the mechanics of being physically stimulated, not from emotional arousal.

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themohawkninja says2013-10-30T03:31:37.607
What do mean by "shut that whole thing down"?
ScientificBeack says2013-10-31T01:59:38.230
In all honesty this unclear question (what thing? What do you mean by shut down?) sounds more like an excuse to rant and vent anger than an actually serious question inviting debate.