Do you really think a god is sitting by waiting on a certain amount of people to pray before he helps someone in a disaster?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Good is always there for us.

    Yes, I believe there is a God all mighty. He is always there whenever disaster strikes he is there with each and everyone of us. He is protecting us and helping us in our time of need. He is always there listening, answering our prayers. Good it's never just"sitting by" "waiting" he is helping at all times. Even when it seems he isn't there helping you, he is. He always helps you maybe in a way that is not obvious, but no matter what he is there for better and for worse.

  • Prayer is our participation

    Many people receive assistance during disasters. Sometimes they happen supernaturally. Other times they happen through fellow humans that reach out during a disaster. God can always move the hearts of men and women toward a preferred direction.

    Our prayers are only our participation in the struggle between good and evil. When we pray regularly, we can prevent some of these disasters from happening or at least reduce the effect of the disaster.

  • Prayer does not make sense, on any level.

    Let's ignore for a moment the fact that there is no such being as "God". Even if one did exist, in consideration of a supreme being who is all powerful, all knowing and infallible (as I believe most followers of the Abrahamic God would claim), prayer would be a pointless exercise. Some here have claimed that we can influence events by our prayers. That is inconsistent with our understanding of God's nature.

  • It doesn't make sense...

    I do not understand this.. Doesn't god know everything? Why do people even need to pray if he already knows what humans want, need etc.. I don't understand why people have to bow on their knees and talk to themselves in order to communicate with a god that doesn't bother talking back. I would like for someone to explain this.

  • Thats extremely illogical

    If we actually had an all loving all knowing and all powerful god then prayer would be useless as god would then already know about whats going on and he should do something regardless of how many people pray. Why would a perfect god say ok unless a certain amount of people pray im not going to help these sick kids? Thats illogical. Prayer doesnt help and if it did there wouldnt be so many miserable people in horrible situations. All the suffering in the world tells me that prayer doesnt work. If it did then no one would be suffering except for a few people who were too stubborn to pray and then they would know ok the difference between me and these happy people is that im not praying.

  • God will always be there

    Prayer is a way to communicate with god and it helps us in connecting with him. However we can't pray someone back to health, though it has happened. God is always there prayer or not for us. God loves all humans equally and wouldn't only help the ones being prayed for or the ones the are religious.

  • If God waited for a certain amount of people to pray before helping, he's pathetic.

    Giving prayers to the ""Lord"" seems rather childish and pathetic because it's the equivalent of @ss-kissing to get into a better place. Furthermore, all it does is stroke his ego. Why should the all-knowing and all-powerful deity be constantly reassured that he is such? And furthermore, there have been billions of people praying over the centuries for a sign of God (if he actually existed, which is debatable) who sat around watching people suffer and waited for people to accept him. He's no better than a ranting child who wants attention.

  • In Theology He has been shown to be proactive for the small but pious voice.

    The greatest prophets often prayed alone for entire communities that had turned away whether it be Micah or Moses so there is no artificial quota to be fulfilled for disaster relief. If there were it would be nice to know what it is since apparently millions isn't enough at all.

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