Do you really think that love is more important than money?

Asked by: Herty
  • Why can't you love money?

    You people are silly. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. Can we really compare the two? Love is cheap, unconditional you get that from your parents at birth. Your relatives give it to you, your teachers usually have a little for ya. I mean come on now. Look at all the love around the world these days.

    And all the selfies and narcissistic posts we see, people have too much love for themselves!

    Now money on the other hand is conditional, it is not free, you actually have to go out and get it (unless you are one of those bums getting free money from the government, buts that's another form of unconditional love right?)

    Besides Money, after hard work and some good pay, if you still don't have enough love, you can go buy it! And trust me the more money you make the better love you can get.

    Thus Money is not only greater than love, but is alot harder to get these days.

    Thank you all for your love of my post.

  • We evolved with love, not money.

    We lived for thousands of years trading goods, knowing it could help keep another's family alive. Before this meaningless stuff called money came about. Before that, we lived in tribes, helping each other out. Before that of course the parents had to raise their kid. They certainly weren't given a monthly pay cheque. Without love, humanity would not exist. In modern day life, love is still more important. Babies would not be born, couples would not marry, if suddenly life was about money not love. So we'd all be rich, and then we'd die, leaving nobody to continue the human race. Not even that- people would be less generous, and so many would actually get poorer.

  • Are you kidding me

    Sure,it`s nice to have large consumptions of money in the bank,but being more important than love?I think i`m gonna puke. Love is everything. Everyone knows that when your in trouble,sad,hurt etc,your family is always there to support you. So if all you care about is money,you have a BIG hole in your heart.

    Posted by: bvc
  • I love love.

    Love is WAY more important than money. You can't buy love. Love is unstoppable. People love you because of the way YOU are not because you're rich or pretty/handsome. Sure it helps but if you're really pretty/handsome but mean and moody, no one would love you. NO ONE. I would rather be loved than have money. Money helps you on in life but love shapes your character.

  • We are love.

    People, you are here because of love. Not money. So if you value money more than yourself.. Well that's sad. You can not buy love with money. People love you because of the way you are. Your personalities, characteristics, is what makes you, you. Not the way you look. Sure, looking nice helps you feel confident but you can be really pretty or handsome and still have a moody, grumpy, mean personality. I would never love some one like that. Ever. I would rather be loved than have money. Wouldn't you? Money helps us along in life, love shapes our character.

  • Of course it is!

    Money is temporary, a person will never have that amount of money again. Plus, a person who marries for money will more than likely become unhappy. Meanwhile, love is always there, it makes you feel warm and wanted. It'll get you through the tough times easier. The world feels like a better place when there is love. If you think that money is more important than love, you have never experienced love.

  • Love Rules Bro!

    Would you rather be rich and sad, or poor and happy/in love/feeling like your life has meaning? The only reason I can think of (I may be wrong) why people are motivated to become rich is to do/buy lots of stuff that in the end, they think would make them happy. Love just makes you happy and your life have meaning, without all that hard work. :)

  • Love is more

    Money can't buy love. Yes. It can buy you a ticket to Disney world, or a new car, or even a spa day, but things/items can not feel up that empty feeling of loneliness you'll always have in your heart. With me it comes down to two things: " Will you love me?" And "Will you stay with me through my struggles?" If I had the choice to struggle on money with the person I love vs. Being alone and rich for the rest of my life, Well...I'd choose love. It may seem naïve, but at least I'd have someone to laugh and struggle with, right?

  • Some strange arguments here

    You all are taking this argument way too seriously. You guys are talking about economics, evolution and history. The question is asking, which would you rather have, love or money? I'd pick the first personally. If that's not you then that's not you. It's kind of funny on this website, someone asks a question like this a you all scramble for statistics and historical/scientific facts. Just pick which one you want.

  • You can't build up an empire on love

    Love is an unrealistic emotion that is the cause of a chemical reaction inside our brains that stimulates us. In a way it is a drug, it is almost useless in today's world and only acts to keep two people together. Love is just an unrealistic emotion that has been romanticized in today's culture. We can have people who can not feel anything but can we live without money. No of course not money builds empires and economies it is the fuel of the world. Love is only a barrier that has prevented humans from operating without bias since the dawn of time, and in my opinion it should be something that should be eliminated.

  • You can buy love.

    Think about it. Do they have a TV show asking "Who Wants to Marry a Hobo?" Would movies like Pretty Woman be interesting to women if the guy was an office or factory worker?
    Thing is, if a guy has enough money, he can get pretty much any woman he wants. Just paying for things she asks for. If your a woman, you can do about the same thing. If your not very attractive, you can just buy plastic surgery.
    From what I have seen, men and women tend to look for typical things in a mate. Women tend to look for a man that can support them and a future family where men tend to look for someone attractive. Either way, money can bring you love.
    Sure, some people marry for emotional reasons but sooner or later, money becomes a factor and arguments about it often lead to divorce.
    Clearly, if you have enough money, you can buy love but just loving someone means little in having them love you back.

  • Money is too powerful.

    I feel you can put a price tag on anyone's "love". Someone may say that their love is not for sail over and over again but one day when they fall down financially and desperately need help they may accept your offer. Money has been able to buy nearly everything on this planet, including live human beings. So, why can't love be bought?

  • We don't really need love.

    Sure, it is nice to have love, but since when was it a necessity? SINCE NEVER! Think correctly. We can live without love, but can we live without money? Not in the modern generation. Money is food. Love is a waste of life. Would you rather have all the love in the world? Or all the money in the world?

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