Do you respond when a Dane or Swedes brags about the Viking invaders?

Asked by: Adam2
  • When they start with their KKK "Friends"-loving garbage, I respond Nazi-style

    I'm like, "Oh yeah, then how come everytime the Vikings tried to conquer the world they got their butts handed to them? From Ancient Rome, to the Celts, to the Greeks, to the Germans, everytime they tried to conquer them, they got their butts kicked in battle and retreated like wimps." That'll shut up every bragining Klansman that talks about the Vikings in high esteem.

  • Norwegians and Danes good, Swedes bad.

    The Danes and Norwegians are the descendants of real Vikings. They have the Viking blood flowing within them, and they are physically and mentally stronger than most other Europeans. The Swedes, on the other hand, are self-loathing genetic trash, and they're the descendants of those men who were too weak to be actual Vikings.

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Adam2 says2014-05-26T16:25:47.407
And Hitler invaded your country without an issue -- that country being Denmark, which shows what a bunch of cowards the Vikings have always been. Hehehehehehe
USN276 says2014-05-26T17:37:35.263
I swear to god, you make the most random polls on debate.Com