• Yes, I do, but not secretly.

    I have nothing against homosexuals in general, but I do have a lot against homosexuality (or any other sexual perversion, for that matter). There are a lot of things that are wrong with homosexuality, not to mention the fact that it is an abomination (just read Leviticus). Three more words.

  • Yes I do

    I try to act like I don't around most people, but I do. The sight of seeing a man and another man together is creepy. The thinks they do sexually scare my. But I am afraid that I might try it or even like and this is really disturbing to me.

  • I secretly experience some degree of homophobia

    I completely support the efforts of homosexual or transgendered people to secure equal rights, but I do unwittingly experience homophobia occasionally when exposed to very stereotypical depictions of homosexuality. For example, a very butch lesbian or effeminate gay man at times may make me feel annoyed or angry if I hear or see them.

  • The question itself is propaganda

    "homophobia" is a propaganda word. Do you liberals like making up phobias? Two can play at that game. You are all a bunch of conservaphobic Godaphobic moralophobic gunphobic bigots. Maybe if I went to college for gender studies or climate science or some other impractical overpoliticized field instead of computer science, I could understand the way these liberals think.

  • Nah, not really.

    Just doesn't strike me as something I should judge them for. If they have sex with men and not women, or women and not men, then who am I to judge them? It's just their sexual preference. It's like hating someone for liking burgers and not liking pizza, while you like pizza and not burgers.

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