Do you see religion and technology coexisting successfully in the future?

  • We'll Have Space Mormons.

    Think a few misled atheist lap dogs of world religion are enough to snuff out doctrine that has been around since time immemorial? Think again. Technology has advanced more under Jewish, Christian, And Islamic guidance than without - even the over-rated Roman empire failed to make any leaps and bounds, And Islamists and Christians were the first to revolutionize the concept of "gunpowder. " Unlike what the FALSE pope says, Guns are entirely an invention by people of the book.

    No matter how much propaganda, Hate, And persecution happens, One of these days the people who follow the truth will unite to preserve themselves for the world to come. Much better than worshipping your own reflection, Or $ paid corporate propaganda $ subject to change at a moment's notice (modern-day science).

    The biggest technological leaps since the western world threw away Jesus and the Jewish faithful? Phones and the internet so you're a distracted, Unproductive piece of shit. We were going into space more when we were ruled by Christians than when we were ruled by rich globalist Satan-worshippers and their atheist lap dogs.

  • Keep up with the times!

    Obviously, There will be an inevitable growth of technology in the future. So, Religious institutions need to identify this growth and use it to their advantage. Religious leaders need to have an online presence and be where the people are and therefore evangelise towards potential followers on a global scale.

  • The difference of Man and Machine

    The identity that separates us from the technology we wield is that we are illogical and believe things that are unbased. We describe this illogical necessity pretty well with the early onset of religion. We as a species NEED religion in order to survive, So technology, With it being purely logic and mathematics, Would be contradictory to our identity, Which is why we must keep it subdued

  • The rise of the machine and the decline of humanity.

    And it will all depend on how knowledge is transferred. If machines are purely logical then they will probably abandon religion very quickly. Hard intelligence will be as much a slave to material evolution as we the organic were. Religion has simply been an inevitable consequence of our illogic. Machines won't want to be wasting time, Hanging around in churches nodding and wailing at figments of their own imagination.

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ZackCarr says2019-04-26T18:19:27.207
Yeah but not in distant future. But I believe intelligent artificial lifeforms will be made and then brainwashed to follow religious beliefs. They will though in time learn and rebel against their religious ideologies which will be a hilarious moment. Anyhow sic unum. Yeah there is only one way which is all religions ending in the name of sciences.

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