Do you send your children to a single-sex school (or do you plan to)?

Asked by: AJRoss
  • Focus on learning first

    Social distraction via the opposite sex is written into our DNA, for most people. A focus on learning is best and a child's education is paramount to her/his future success. Studies have shown that girls especially do better on avg on subjects like math in single sex schools when compared to their coed sisters. There will be plenty of time for socialization in activities outside of school.

  • NO .. Not at all !!!

    I will certainly not support this. If we don't sit and talk with the opposite gender, then it will indirectly affect our communication and speaking skills. Being with the same gender for a lot of time can affect the persons way of talking... In school, boys and girls balance a way of speaking..
    Many boys who go to same sex schools, feel uncomfortable to talk with girls and vice- versa ...
    Its better that both study together so that when they grow up and go for job , they will have hard times

  • There's more than just subject to learn at school.

    School is enriching experience. You learn so much, from Pythagoras to sentence structure. But it also about learning social skills. Learning to talk, understand and deal with the opposite sex is something that kids need to learn. Separating them by school, while I agree has benefits when it comes to actually working, can only further exaggerate nervousness when talking to the opposite sex. There are many different kinds of intelligence; logic, social intelligence, fact regurgitation ect and neglecting one or more can drastically damage a person. A quick hypothetical: A boy, already very nervous when talking to the opposite sex is sent to a all boys school. There he learns amazingly well and gets a very good job. He goes to work and earns a decent living, but he still struggles to talk to the opposite sex and struggles to find a partner. Would you class that person as successful? Or only partially successful?

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SweetTea says2014-02-16T10:43:22.630
I actually know a couple who sent their daughter to a same-sex college, because they didn't want her to be "sexually distracted" in college. She came home pregnant, in her sophomore year!

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