• Always on the side of the workers.

    Yes, I will always side with workers in labor disputes. Corporations are making record profits year after year, their CEOs and other executive officers often make more money than their hundreds or thousands of workers combined. Yet, they still cry poor when forced to pay their workers a decent wage. America works best when we say Union Yes!

  • Yes and no.

    It depends on the situation if I am going to side with the worker or with the employer. If the worker is complaining about something that never actually happened or something all workers have to do everywhere than I might not be quick to agree with them but if it is something real and legit than I might.

  • Yes, I would side with workers in labor disputes.

    I believe I would side with workers in labor disputes because they are usually the ones suffering when it comes to disputes. They could be suffering by reduced pay, reduced health benefits, etc. Workers have the right to a decent job with decent pay and benefits. Too often corporations are self-serving and don't serve in the best interests of its workers.

  • Depends on the issues

    There are some times where I would side with the workers in labor disputes but not often. The ones I can think of most commonly are teacher strikes. I have rearely seen a teach strike where I agree with the teachers. Another would be in pro sports, where again I would not side with the players.

  • Big labor is not sustainable.

    No, I do not side with workers in labor disputes, because the workers want so many benefits that the businesses cannot sustain themselves. The laborers act like businesses have unlimited resources and only want limits because they are a bunch of scrooges. Laborers need to be more understanding that the people who are employing them cannot just give them unlimited amounts of money.

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