Do You Spend Too Much Time on your phone playing ‘Meaningless Games’?

  • People spend to much time on phones playing games

    Kids used to be out playing soccer, baseball, tag, or even swinging on the swing set, now everyone is to busy to hang out because they have their phones in their faces. There is so many exciting things going in the world that doesn't happen on a small screen in your hand.

  • Some games are productive

    Games while taking up time also teach kids. They teach kids things like hand-eye coordination, math, ss and some all of the above. Some improve all brain related skills like the game luminosity. There are many ss apps like stack the states and geography quiz. Also some apps are skills tutor and help learning abilities.

  • Everything in Moderation

    I play a couple games before going to bed, but throughout the day, I use my smart phone as, well, a phone. I rarely am caught with my eyes fixed to the screen. I am rarely bored enough to do so. I balance my life with friends, music, food, and more.

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