Do you stand for your own beliefs even if your church disagrees?

Asked by: JRM
  • The Catholic Church does not own my thoughts, my opinions, or my body.

    I do not understand how they can say they believe in treating each and every person as equals, when they are so prejudiced against gay people in love, women wanting to make their own choices, and doctors trying to save lives. They treat gays like they are freaks, saying that God is ashamed of them, that they are unnatural. I believe that God made you perfect just the way you are, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or straight. The Church disagrees with abortion, that it is horrible killing of a person. Now kids in my class call me baby-killer stating my beliefs on this. So let me get this straight. I do not love abortion. But I do believe that it is a woman's choice, and a woman's choice alone to decide to have an abortion. And then finally, the Church is against stem cell research. This only saves human lives, by giving them the materials to understand and cure horrible diseases that otherwise, would leave many people dead. When these topics are brought up in my classes, I state my opinions. And I am ridiculed by my teachers and my classmates for it. But I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe is right, no matter who I am disagreeing with.

  • I would certainly do so.

    I stand for my own beliefs even when my church disagrees. For instance, I believe homosexual people should be treated the same as the rest of us. The Bible disagrees, and yes, that stings a bit, but it's like segregation! We need to stand strong, because if we just go along with what everyone else says, we could be taken over so easily that it's not even a laughing matter.

  • By Church I assume you mean the Pastor?

    Yes I believe that you may stand on your own belief. What makes your understanding of the bible any more different than the pastors? Is it the suit, charm, charisma and/or degree that makes the godly man/women? Last time i read the bible, Moses was a shepherd, Apostle Paul was a tent-maker, majority of the disciples were fishermen and last but certainly not least, Jesus was a carpenter. I believe, from my own personal observation, many pastors should notify before and/or after every sermon that their interpretation may be wrong and is solely based on their belief. Failing to address this has caused many to worship the pastor instead of the biblical truth even when what they preach contradict the gospel. Stand your own ground and seek the truth with diligence and prayer. "A Christian is a follower of Christ who believes that Jesus has died for our sins". In that one sentence, thousands of different interpretations can be made and misunderstood. It is your responsibility to discover the truth.

  • Yes i Do

    I dont want a church telling me morals. I believe in subjective morality. As a matter of fact, the church contradicts itself numerous times I find ithard to take seriously, so I will stand by my beliefs no matter if the church disagrees. Therefore, I stand for my own beliefs if my church disagrees

  • The Bible Doesn't Change

    I am not Christian. I am not Protestant. I am not Fundamental. I am not a Christian. I am a follower of Christ. Above all, I believe that the Bible is truth. Whatever it says, I believe. It doesn't matter what any pastor, priest, friend, or relative changes. I am a follower of Christ, I follower of the Gospel.

  • Yes I do.

    I was raised a Catholic, and I disagreed with a lot (and in cases, agreed with a lot) of what they taught. Ultimately, I stopped considering myself a Catholic for reasons other than dogma (although that had some to do with it) but even when I was a Catholic, I had views that differed from those normally held by Catholics.

  • Persuasion of political choices and social issues.

    I am a Christian however, I feel Christian churches, Christian radio and Christian TV leaders sometimes try to persuade people to follow their own interests and not what the Bible saids. Often political and social issues are being misinterpreted according to scripture. I feel we as Christian need to question what we are being fed. Some issues such as choice/free will, guns, war, taxes and the environment are major concerns. We need to protect ourselfs from those wearing sheeps clothing.

    Posted by: JRM
  • Church is the same thing as belief, therefore my belief can never be conflict with the church.

    When somebody enrolled in to one religion, they had already accepted the moral, principle, and conduct that defined that nature of such church. Therefore, it is impossible for individual to claim membership of the church while their believe is in conflict. If they are no longer agreed with the church, they can no longer claim themselves to be a membership of such church. For example you can't claim yourself to be a Christian if you are not believe in god, or Buddhist if don't belief in Nivarna.

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