• I support Phil.

    So explain to me...It's okay for Miley Cyrus to express her freedom of expression. Grinding up on a married man and what not BUT a man stands by his beliefs about the Bible and he is damned for it by man. Maybe what he said came off as a little harsh but for some reason the people who disagree with Phil are forgetting the second half of what he said and I quote

    "However, I would never treat anyone with disrespect just because they are different from me. We are all created by the Almighty and like Him, I love all of humanity. We would all be better off if we loved God and loved each other.”

    But no, you ignorant people who think the first half of his statement would make a good story and want to make him look bad would of coarse just talk about that. Phil is a good man, Duck Dynasty is a good quality family show. There are very few family friendly shows out there. I turn on my TV and there is almost never a show I can find that isn't revolved around sex and sleeping around.

    Phil is not anti-gay. It is one thing to be attracted to the same sense but acting on it is the sin and that is what Phil was referring to. God wants us to create families as man and woman. I am not anti-gay. I am pro family. I have gay friends and I support them but when you are acting on that desire it becomes a sin. Don't be so quick to judge people.

  • What's the matter with everyone?

    When did Americans start whining about every trivial thing. Everyone needs to grow up and stop all the bull. What he said was his opinion. If you don't like it don't watch the show, and don't buy duck dynasty products. Both A&E and Phil will have to suffer the consequences of their actions.

  • Yes, and I am liberal and pro-gay

    This is coming from liberal, atheist, pro abortion, pro gay rights, living breathing person. He voiced his opinion, and he has the right to do so. He should NOT be punished for practicing his unalienable rights. Sure people disagree, I DISAGREE, but I accept his opinion and his beliefs. People are getting worked up over nothing. He wasn't promoting hate, even with the supposed "racist" remarks. He only talked about what had he seen. Grow up America, and stop trying to control people. Instead a better idea would be to co exist or even attempt to sway his anti gay beliefs (although they would be futile)

  • He at least stood up for what he belived in

    In my opinion he is at least a man about what he believes in. It seems like if you are against gays or religious your a bad person, which isn't true. I think it's becoming some type of good vs. Evil game which is not what it's about. It's about beliefs and opinions. If he offends gay people so what it's better than being a baby and conforming, if it's what he believes in. Also some people try to act like victims way to much instead of ignoring what they don't like.

  • What did he really say?

    Although he was incorrect with calling it illogical, for homosexuality and pansexuality have been found in dozens of animals, he was correct in what the Bible said. He didn't call for legislation against their marriage or the stoning of homosexuals. Instead he simply stated he didn't understand it. When did being ignorant of an issue become a cause for hatred instead of enlightenment?

  • I would have said it differently.

    As an actual Christian ( someone that has been born again and actually believes the bible [ not just making Christianity up as I go along out of my own head ]) I agree that homosexuality is a sin. I would have not used crude and vulgar words when expressing my opinion, though. I do not condemn Phil for saying what he said, I would have chosen a different way of saying it, but that is just a personality thing, not a theology thing. I think that Phil loves sodomites enough to speak the truth about their sins. A&E does not love sodomites, or they don't believe the Bible, because of they DID they would want people to tell the truth. Hell is forever and real. If someone is trapped in Homosexual sin, that proves that they have not been born again, and are headed for hell. I love people enough to tell the truth. So does Phil, if he is an actual Christian.

  • I support Phil

    Why does it matter that one man does not support it. I am for gay marriage and every thing that goes with it but if his beliefs are based of a religion let him be. He grew up with this was told this and will live this he can not change. So if you really want to fix this "problem" start with a younger generation teaching new ways don't judge him.

  • Phil is a good man

    To quote William Buckley, “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.” I believe this is true in many cases. The left are the ones preaching tolerance, but only tolerance for their opinions. Phil had no malice in any of his comments, but is still demonized by leftists for simply speaking his mind. I am American and our Constitution gives us the right to speak our mind. I believe him and hope people can support him no matter their opinions on his views.

    Posted by: Nawl
  • Phil Has An Opinion

    I do stand with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson. I believe Phil gave his heartfelt opinion on a subject and he has a right to have whatever opinion he wants. I believe he has been reinstated to the show and I think everyone seems to understand that he is allowed to have his opinion.

  • Of course I stand with Phil

    The left tries to shut down, punish, or get fired anyone with whom they disagree. The left tends to not allow anyone with whom they disagree to have freedom of speech. The left, in order to promote a free and open society, tends to want to shut down the rights of half of society. The left, instead of having a reasoned discussion, tends to want the other side to just shut up and go away. I am glad that Phil was able to express his views without losing his job.

    Posted by: cs2
  • I'm sorry I can't.

    I am a Christian. I believe homosexual acts are a sin. But, the way Robertson said it, I have to shy away from. I cannot repeat those words he said. It was on the crude side. If he simply said that it was a sin, I'd stand by him. He made a gross illustration. I'd slap anyone on the hand for saying something as vulgar as that.

  • I just can't.

    I believe he has a right to his belief, but that being said I think his statements were just plain wrong. He compared homosexuality to bestiality which is ridiculous and said that a man wanting to have sex with another man is 'illogical' as if it's a choice and that gay people made the wrong one. Even if you believe homosexuality is sin, you shouldn't belittle other people's feelings and desires and that's exactly what he did. He didn't just state his belief, he stated it in a very hateful way and I can't support that.

  • Not just due to bigotry either.

    The whining from conservatives and particularly Christians over "free speech" on this issue is absurd. Freedom of Speech only means the government has no right to censor your speech nor prosecute you for it unless imminent danger exists (for example, you can be arrested for shouting "fire" when there is none). Freedom of speech does NOT guarantee a person to be free of criticism for their speech, nor does it guarantee there will not be repercussions to their speech.

    Robertson is a TV personality. His employers have the right to terminate his employment if he reflects poorly on them, just as my employer could terminate me if I made what they view as racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory or intolerant remarks as it would reflect poorly on the university.

  • He expressed his bigoted opinion, and I disagree with it.

    This duck-dynasty-hillbilly expressed his bigoted opinion, and now has to pay the price. He isn't being arrested or pursued by the government, a PRIVATE company that puts him on TV, made a business decision. The Duck-bigot's views simply aren't worth the bad-publicity at this point. I happen to agree with A&E.

  • Where exactly does it say Homosexuality is a sin?

    I have tried several times since Phil's very provocative comments to find where it specifically says Homosexuality is a sin. So far all references that I have been able to find have been "spun" by the church to fulfill their own beliefs. You can make passages from the bible take any meaning you want if you take them out of context.

  • I can't support it

    He expressed his beliefs in the wrong place. As a tv personality the network will en his appearances on tv if he crosses a line that will show the network in a negative light. I think he has a right to his beliefs but the network has a right to terminate his employment. He knew what he was doing and has to pay the piper.

  • Phil Robertson Is Completely Wrong

    Anyone informed on the science behind homosexuality will know that what he (Phil Robertson) said is the equivalent to saying "Having a black skin tone is a sin." Homosexuality is a set-in-stone sexual preference. You cannot become gay; you cannot become straight. You are simply born that way. And ALL the Christians claiming "Oh, when a Christian voices their opinion, bye-bye freedom of speech!" The first amendment protects free speech from the GOVERNMENT, not a TV channel.

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