Do you still veiw Russian Federation as a threat the way you did when it was the USSR? (Why or why not)

Asked by: Tom_Fayotte_144
  • Yes ,same system

    The Russians are still communits and play by the same rules. Look at how they treat laws all over the world there no different than they were we need to view them the sane way. They are still the same and they can't be treated the same get it together

  • Russia is still conquering territories not unlike its rise to international power.

    When Russia rolled into Crimea with hundreds of "aid trucks" and thousands of troops, the only explanation was that they were protecting Russians who were being "oppressed" by the Ukrainian government. Many compared this invasion to such acts that Hitler and his Nazis carried out in Czechoslovakia and Austria. Many countries (England, America, France and Russia/U.S.S.R.) pursued the policy of appeasement, allowing Germany to continue down the path to a world war. If you look at history, it is blatantly obvious that Russia is a threat to both the west and the world.

  • Russia is not the threat it used to be

    Russia no longer poses the military threat the much larger Soviet Army used to. Nor does it seem logical to think Russia especially Putin would risk his position of power and the fate of his country to attack NATO Simply for a country like Latvia, Estonia, or Lithuania to name a few.

  • Russia was never a threat

    The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics had nuclear weapons at an enormous scale, but so did the United States, and France, Pakistan, and India. All the nuclear countries were threats to everything from neighboring countries, civilians, and nature. Though the USSR, US, and more recent the DPRNK (North Korea) threatened each other, they would have never actually fired. If the USSR launched on the US, the US would launch on the USSR with equal power, so would France. Every government knows if they use a WMD on another country or ally who has near equal, equal, or more power than them, they know the counter strike will devastate both to a point of collapse.

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debate_power says2015-04-29T15:13:09.927
Putin's sort of in a position but power, but not exactly. He has the whole Russian Duma presiding over him. As such an affluent tycoon he probably exerts considerable influence on the Duma, but that's it.
Theunkown says2015-04-29T15:46:10.123
As a person from the Non Aligned countries (India) I would feel far more threatened from the United States (which actually threatened to invade) than the Soviet Union (which threatened force if USA invaded india).
Theunkown says2015-04-29T15:46:44.380
Not all of us are from Anti-Socialist Capitalist countries.
debate_power says2015-04-29T21:02:23.133
Yeah, same. Even if I weren't a "godless socialist" (I'm looking at you, Pledge of Allegiance), I would feel more threatened by the U.S. regardless, assuming I lived in the Third World.